If you've been involved in a criminal matter, it's important to have the right attorney by your side. As a successful trial lawyer in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area for more than 20 years, Judy Simon understands that facing criminal charges can be a stressful and complicated process.

Allow Judy to evaluate the details of your criminal case and explain your options to you. Understanding the pros and cons of your legal case is crucial to making an informed and educated decision on the next step. Contact Judy today.

Whether your criminal defense case is resolved with a plea deal or taken to trial, Kansas City Attorney Judy L. Simon will fight for your rights and offer you the best criminal defense available. 


Serious Crimes

Drug Crimes

Sex Crimes

• Manslaughter
• Arson
• Robbery
• Aggravated Assault
• Assault and Battery
• Hate Crimes
• Domestic Violence

• Burglary
• Stalking
• Felony DUI/DWI
• Credit Card Fraud
• Identity Theft
• Forgery

• Possession of Stolen Property
• Criminal Threat/Terrorist Threat
• Federal Charges
• White Collar Crimes
• Unemployment Fraud
• Abuse of Dependant Adult
• Juvenile Offenses

• Possession
• Distribution
• Manufacturing
• Cultivation
• Possession With Intent to Sell
• Prescription Fraud Trafficking

• Child Molestation
• Child Abuse
• Registration Violation
• Marital Rape
• Pornography
• Rape
• Sexual Battery
• Statutory Rape